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We stock a range of essential conservatory maintenance products.

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Whether your conservatory is in need of refurbishment to solve leaks, misted or slipped panels, discolouring or rotten components or requires upgrading to prevent your conservatory being too hot, too cold or reducing glare, Insu has the answer. We can even help you reduce those expensive energy bills and reduce your 'carbon footprint'. Our aim is to turn your conservatory into year round comfort zone and so it becomes an integral part of your home.

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Beware Alternatives

What are the alternatives to a specialist conservatory refurbishment and improvement company?

Original Suppliers?

Firstly it may be the case that they have unfortunately gone out of business leaving you with a warranty of no value. If they are still in business and your conservatory is in warranty, they either may not have the skills to diagnose or solve your conservatory problems or may simply wish to keep their costs to a minimum and not provide the best solution for you. If your conservatory is out of warranty, our experience shows that conservatory suppliers are very often uninterested in doing repairs, don’t have the expertise in refurbishment and may be more interested in selling a new one when a conservatory refurbishment and upgrade will be the best option in terms of cost and performance.

Local builders or handy man?

There is a huge variety of conservatory types, suppliers, systems and materials and a general builder would not be proficient and knowledgeable to undertake an effective conservatory refurbishment in most circumstances. The result is often a poor job that requires further attention at a later date.

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