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Conservatory Roof and Window Cleaner

Most conservatories, in particular the roofs and gutters, and to a lesser extent the sides and windows suffer from ingrained dirt and algae and require periodic cleaning to maintain their appearance. As a consequence owners find that their conservatory looks distinctly ‘down at heal’ and are no longer proud of its looks.

Our conservatory cleaner has been specifically designed for cleaning conservatory roofs and side windows. It not only lifts the ingrained dirt and Algae to bring back that ‘as new sparkle’. But it also combats re-growth of stains and algae as it has been formulated with a biological algae killer which reduces the need for future cleaning.

Conservatory cleaning can be daunting because working on roofs is difficult and can be dangerous, and generally available cleaning fluids are not designed for conservatory cleaning making the job both hard work and ineffective.

Used by Professionals our Conservatory roof and window cleaner is simply moped onto the glazing; after a few minutes the dirt and algae are simply rinsed away. Because it has a rapid deep clean action many conservatories can be cleaned from the Patio using an extended mop thereby avoiding the need to use steps and ladders. We can supply extended mops and accessories.

Watch the short video below to see how easy conservatory cleaning can be.

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