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Cut Your Home or Business Energy Bills

Cut your home or business energy bills. HTG undertake comprehensive energy surveys.As part of our technical service we undertake comprehensive energy surveys, these bear no resemblance to the skimpy Energy surveys undertaken when homes are sold. They are a comprehensive professional analysis of energy usage and can identify significant saving that can be had from changing the operation and pattern of energy usage, installing new equipment, insulation etc.

We provide this service to both Home owners and Commercial customers.

The survey comprises:


  1. Visit to study the energy usage and energy usage pattern including measurements where necessary. Survey of the building structure, equipment employed for lighting, heating, and cooling (if used), and where necessary manufacture plant etc.
  2. Formal calculations of the existing energy usage as the basis for recommendations for reductions in energy use. Plus recommendations and the options for such matters as: improved insulation and type of insulation, change of usage of existing equipment and lighting, replacement of equipment, new heating and manufacturing equipment and lighting where appropriate, use and recycling of energy from equipment etc.
  3. Presentation of a comprehensive report identifying the costs and payback of various options for reductions in energy usage.


Please click on the links below to see a typical report and energy survey calculations identifying priority measures benefits and costs:-


  1. A typical report. [opens in a new window]  PDF document
  2. A table showing a Building Energy Survey report. [opens in a new window]PDF document
  3. A SAP report with the calculations needed to enable conservatory customers to obtain permissions to incorporate their conservatories into their homes. [opens in a new window]PDF document

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