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DIY Crystal Clear Laminate to Combat Fading of Furnishings, Photos & Pictures

Simply installed to the inside surface of the glass our crystal clear optical laminates cut 99% of ultra violet fading to help protect furnishings and fabrics, photos, paintings, and posters against fading and deterioration.

After applying DIY Crystal Clear Laminate

Photograph: unprotected after exposure to the sun.

Before applying DIY Crystal Clear Laminate

Photograph: protected with our 99 % UV excluding Crystal Clear laminate.


  • Crystal clear and invisible – no change to the view through the glazing
  • Combats fading – by excluding 99% of Ultra-violet rays
  • Strengthens the glass – against shattering for safety/security to BS 6262 Pt 1
  • No maintenance
DIY Crystal Clear Laminate to Combat Fading of Furnishings, Photos & Pictures

Fading and deterioration of fabrics can be principally due to the ultra-violet rays.

Discolouration and finally bleaching occurs principally because the UV severs the dye molecule, photographic, or paint colour progressively, eventually eliminating the colour.

Colours at the red end of the colour spectrum (red, orange, yellow) discolour more than blues because they absorb more UV. The deterioration process can also depend on the length and character of the dye molecule, temperature, colour base in a painting, photographic mechanism, or photographic development process, and the substrate or fabric used as the base to which the colour is applied. These are factors outside of our control.

UV rays break down the fibres of the fabric in a similar way, leading to rotting of furnishings. As UV rays are outside the visible region of the colour spectrum, there is no change to the clear view out.


All glazing where sunlight is fading furnishings, fabrics, paintings, photographs, etc.

There are two versions of the product.

  1. The simplest to install is a ridged sheet which is simply cut to size with scissors and then inserted onto the inside surface of the glazing and beaded in with neat pads or sealer.
  2. The safety version, which upgrades the glazing the safety standard BS 6262 is a self-adhesive optical laminate, which is less expensive, installation comprises ten easy steps.

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