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DIY – One Way Vision Privacy for Safety and Security

There are many situations where it would be desirable to have a completely clear view out with the knowledge that those being observed cannot see in for both safety and security.

One Way Vision blinds and panels for privacy, safety and security. View from the inside looking out.

View from the inside looking out.

One Way Vision blinds and panels for privacy, safety and security. View from the outside looking in.

View from the outside looking in.

Our one way vision privacy products come in two forms; a one way vision roller or louvre blind, and a one way vision panel that is permanently fixed behind the glazing.


  • Complete daytime privacy
  • Available in tinted and reflective form
  • Solar control versions cut high summer temperatures, and exclude glare
  • Simple to measure and install


  • Glazed doors to observe visitors before you answer or allow them to enter, or where you wish to prevent outsiders seeing into a room.
  • Applications include: the home, security gatehouses, healthcare areas, for privacy in offices and warehouses.

Measuring and Installation is simple

  1. For the transparent one-way vision roller or louvre blind. For manufacture sizes all we need is the measurement of the outside and inside of the window frame . Installation is simple using a bradawl or drill to make pilot holes in wood, or UPVC frames; then screw fix two brackets.
  2. For the permanent one-way vision sheet. All we need is the size of the window glass, or you can order oversize for installation on top of the frame or to trim to size on site with a Stanley knife. Installation is to either the inside, or outside surface of the glazing and is simply accomplished with neat adhesive pads, or beading in with a sealer, or fitted behind the window beads.

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