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Simple Conservatory Roof Upgrades & Improvements for Summer & Winter Comfort

Most conservatories roofs can be simply upgraded and improved for summer or all year comfort without the need to replace. A conservatory that is less than fifteen years old will generally have a roof that is in a good condition and does not justify the expense of new roof panels, unless it is a Ultralite 500 or Everlite PVC roof.

Our products upgrade and improve existing sound roof panels to give the following Benefits:

TickSummer Comfort – Cool/Comfortable summer temperatures by excluding 80% of Solar heat
TickWinter Comfort – Reducing winter heat loss by up to 85%
TickCutting eyestrain and Glare

TickProtecting against fading – by excluding 99% of UV rays
TickCutting rain noise

Transparent Heat reflectors cut high summer temperatures & improve winter insulation

We provide four simply installed upgrades/improvements:

  1. Transparent heat reflectors to cut high summer temperatures with moderate winter insulation
  2. High insulation winter insulation Thermo Underoof with the option of Solar control
  3. Noise reducing sheet for Polycarbonate and Glass roofs
  4. Heat reflecting sheet for solar control for Polycarbonate and Glass roofs

1) Transparent Heat reflectors to cut high summer temperatures & improve winter insulation

The transparent heat reflectors, which are similar to those used in high performance glazing, are simply installed without disturbing the roof to provide a simply, and relatively low cost, transparent solution. That excludes 80% of Solar heat, cuts glare, and retains up to 25% of heat that would otherwise be lost in winter. The heat reflectors are fitted in different ways to Polycarbonate and Glass roofs.

For Polycarbonate roofs:

The transparent heat reflectors, are simply inserted into the upper hollow flutes of the Polycarbonate panels to become part of the glazing. In this way we are able to upgrade plain polycarbonate to the same specification as a Solar Glazing.

Solar Insert™ heat reflectors pushing into top cavity
Solar insert heat reflectors

Performance tests for the heat reflectors.

Installation of heat reflectors.

For Glass roofs:

The heat reflectors are laminated in-situ to the glass; they are inconspicuous except for a light tint in daylight and provide a clear view out. Internal or external installation is possible depending on the application.

Our product, which is totally unique to this company and which can be installed externally, was developed in the early 1990’s. It is based on Poly Vinyl Fluoride, the most durable polymer known. We laminate this in-situ to the outside face of the double glazing unit to stop the solar heat before it can enter the glazing system to replicate the performance of the best Solar glazing.

Where the principal concern is winter insulation, we laminate directly to the inside surface of the glazing using a grade that has the ability to reflect room temperature heat back into the room to reduce winter heat loss by up to 25%.

Solar laminate heat reflectors for glass conservatory roofs

Performance test for the heat reflectors.

2) Thermo 80 Underoof for Polycarbonate or Glass roofs:

This product is neatly installed between the internal glazing bar rebates to ensure that there is no change in the internal appearance, and incorporates thermal breaks to cut heat loss through the structure of the conservatory. The result is a system that reduces heat loss by up to 80% to provide insulation equal to a filled cavity wall significantly surpassing all other transparent conservatory glazed roof solutions. Energy rating equivalent GRADE ‘A’ ++ . U value 0.6 watts/M2 °C.

Improved temperatures


The following diagram shows the development of insulating glazing and our position as the highest performing system:


Development of Conservatory Roof glazing

Convert your Conservatory into a Passive Solar Collector with our high performance roof panels

During the late Autumn, Winter, and early Spring, when heating is required in the home, the Sun is relatively low in the sky and predominantly shines in to heat the conservatory through the side window glazing. Normally this heat is rapidly dissipated through the roof. But when high insulation roof glazing is installed the heat is captured and simply flows into the house by opening the internal doors.

Thermo roof converts conservatory into passive solar collector, to provide free energy to the house

3) Noise-reducing panels for Polycarbonate / Plastic roofs

A major problem with these types of roofs is noise due to the impact of rain. This is not only distracting but when a heavy downpour occurs the noise can be so intense as to render the conservatory unusable. Our product is available crystal clear for noise reduction or with heat reflectors for noise reduction and solar control.

Noise reducing sheets for conservatory roofs.

Polycarbonate roofs are a problem because unlike glass they are manufactured from molten plastic which is extruded through a die in the form of the open internal structure. This is cooled rapidly causing the outer surface of the Polycarbonate to take on the taught characteristic of a drum-skin which resonates in a high register that is particularly annoying to the human ear.

Our ‘Thermo’ roof panels are manufactured using a different process which cuts this annoying sound to make the conservatory more comfortable and quieter when it is raining.

4) Transparent Heat reflecting sheet for Polycarbonate and Glass roofs

Transparent heat reflecting sheets cut glare and exclude 85% of solar heat to provide cool and comfortable temperatures.

Improved temperatures in your conservatory with our heat reflecting sheets for polycarbonate and glass roof conservatories.

Improved temperatures with our transparent heat reflecting sheet for Polycarbonate and Glass roofs.

Video of test for heat reflecting sheet – conservatories with polycarbonate roofs.

Video of test for heat reflecting sheet – conservatories with glass roofs.

They also combat the annoying noise from Polycarbonate roofs reducing it to that of a glass roof.

Fitting is straight forward; the glazing bar cover is removed, the heat reflective sheet is fitted on-top of the glazing panel, the glazing bar cover is refitted to clamp the heat reflecting sheet in position.

Solar control products – High performance in controlling Glare and Eyestrain

This can be a major problem causing discomfort and in the worst cases nausea. The cause of this is too much bright light entering the eye. The iris in the eye constricts to the smallest size possible size and still there is too much light. Our product moderates the brightness to a level which allows the iris to operate normally and thereby control the light entering the eye.

All products eliminate up to 99% of UV to combat Fading of furnishing, photographs, paintings

The key factors in the deterioration process are Ultra-violet rays and high temperatures. Our products eliminate up to 99% of the Ultra-violet rays and reduces high temperatures to help protect against fading, and to help retain the vibrancy of colours.

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