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Typical Glass Roof Problems & Their Repair

Problems & Solutions

Roof Panel

Q: Panels slipping down leaving a gap at the top through which water is entering.

A: Remove panel, reposition top gasket, replace panel and permanently secure.

Q: Panels too short or too narrow sliding out of the glazing bars leaving a gap through which water is entering.

A: Remove panels and install new ones of the correct size

Q: Cracked panel with unsightly staining or leaks.

A: Remove panels and install new.

Q: Leak under the glazing bar due to failed edge gasket or blocked self draining channel.

A: Remove panel, clean out self draining channels, install new gaskets. Replace original panel.

Q: Leak due to poorly fitted, or failed house or adjacent wall flashing.

A: Remove and replace lead flashing or use specialist HTG adhesive flashing to make repair.

Q: Leak below roofvent due to failed/poor mutin bar seal above or below.

A: Thoroughly Clean the area and fit specialist HTG adhesive flashing to bridge the problem area.

Q: Leak through the roof vent.

A: Check glazing seal. If gasketted replace with Sealant.

Alternatively fit new glazing sheet to the top of the vent with drip bars


Q: Leak at the Rose or Spider possibly down the cable of a light.

A: HTG adhesive flashing in white to form a seal around the finial/ upper rose and seal.

Q: Leak along the ridge.

A: Check integrity of the Crest for gaps Install Ridge flashing in white and seal as necessary.

Q: Leak at ridge possibly due to tracking of water along its length.

A: Check the integrity of the house interface flashing and repair as necessary.

Valley gutters

Q: Leak below the valley gutter or at the window below the exit of the valley gutter.

A: Check gutter and downspout, for blockage. Does it have limited capacity or too much water from adjacent roofs causing overflowing? Clean out blockage; install new liner to increase capacity as necessary. Re-route water from adjacent roof away from conservatory roof.

Inspect the gutter for breaks and if found reline and seal.


Q: Leaks down the windows internally or externally.

A: Check if water is tracking under the glazing behind the gutter. If so install a drip bar to ensure that water flows directly into the gutter.

Q: Leaks to the outside of the windows.

A: Check the gutter seal and repair if necessary.

House wall interface

Q: Leaks down internal wall.

A: Check integrity of flashing. Replace or if possible repair.

Roof vent

Q: Internal leak due to the following:-

Q: Missing or inadequate external rebate for lid to close over.

A: Modify roof vent by fitting rebate.

Q: Missing or inadequate external rebate for the lid to close over.

A: Modify Roof vent by fitting rebate.

Q: Leaking top or bottomseal to the glazing.

A: Install specialist flashing above and/or below seal.

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