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Window Safety and Security


Crystal clear, anti shatter laminates, & rigid sheets to make windows safer and more secure.

Our products reinforce glass to help combat shattering, and strengthen the glass pane to help protect against missiles such as bricks, and light firearms. They are also available in one way vision form to help combat against outsiders seeing into a Home, Building or Security area in daylight.


  • Anti-shatter Safety grades reinforce existing unsafe glazing to BS 6262.
  • Security grades help combat physical attack, from missiles or light firearms.
  • Crystal clear and indistinguishable from normal glazing.
  • Available in tinted one way vision, or one way mirror form in normal daylight conditions.
  • Solar control grades are available to also eliminate summer heat and glare.

Solar control grades are available to eliminate summer heat and glare.



  • Vulnerable glazing. For example glazed doors, low level window or patio door glazing where there is a danger of a child or adult running into the glazing.
  • Non Safety glazing up to 800mm, glazed doors, areas within 300mm of glazed doors, or where glazing could be mistaken for a glazed door.
  • Security gatehouses.
  • Windows in the home, and warehouses, and offices that have areas where high value, or sensitive goods are being stored.
  • One way vision grades where discrete surveillance of areas without the knowledge of outsiders is required.


For more information and to see the effectiveness for one way vision privacy grades click on this link.

Window safety and security. Crystal clear, anti shatter, laminates, and rigid sheets to make windows safer and more secure. Photo of glazing under attack from man.

There are two DIY versions; both are simple to install

  1. The security version is a crystal clear rigid high strength sheet which is simply cut to the size of the glazing, or supplied oversize to be trimmed with a Stanley knife for fitting onto the inside, or outside surface of the glazing within the window’s glazed perimeter. Fitting can be with adhesive pads, and beaded in with various window beads, or fitted behind the existing window bead depending on the level of protection required.
  2. The Anti-shatter safety grade is a lower cost and comprises of a self-adhesive crystal clear laminate that is applied directly to the glazing. This product is installed to the inside of the glazing on single glass, and to both sides of double glazing.

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