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Would you like your conservatory to be warm and comfortable in winter?

Conservatory warm and comfortable in the winter
Conservatories are TOO COLD because their roof insulation is inadequate. Typically 80% of heat is lost through the roof. The key to a winter comfort, and economic heating costs, is to upgrade the insulation standard of the roof. Our high Insulation ‘Thermo’ roof panels /new roofs provide exceptional performance with the following benefits;

TickWarm and Comfortable conservatory in Winter – cutting heat loss by up to 80%.
TickCutting the cost of expensive heating – our high insulation energy saving products  cover their cost over and over again.
TickAdd the conservatory to your living space – as a dining room, lounge, or haven of peace and comfort.
TickDramatically Transforms the Appearance and Light – new conservatory roof panels and components,  completely transform the appearance to look as good as new.
TickMaintenance free – what’s more the roof will be maintenance free, have a life expectancy of up to twenty-five years, and is covered by a ten year guarantee.

There are a number of ways that we can upgrade your existing conservatory roof with our ‘Thermo’ range of roof panels. As specialists we will advise you of the options, and the best course of action.

The improvements in temperatures in winter, and if you wish in summer are shown below:

Conservatory too cold in winter? Graph showing improved temperatures in your conservatory

‘Thermo’ Roofs – Superior winter Insulation performance without loss of light

Our ‘Thermo 60’, and ‘Thermo 80’ range are designed for Polycarbonate and Glass roofed conservatories to provide comfortable winter, and summer use of the conservatory so that it can be added to your living space.

The Thermo range provides superior insulation to Solid roofs without loss of light, and has the best insulation performance of any transparent roof system.

Please see below for full details:

We offer three high insulation solutions for all year comfort and to cut your heating costs:


1) Thermo 60 High Insulation roof panels -Energy rating ‘A’ PLUS – U value 1.0 watts/M2 °C

Thermo 60 roof refurbishment – we install Thermo replacement roof panels and all accessories will totally refurbish your conservatory roof. These cut roof heat loss by up to 60% to enable the conservatory to be added to your living area. In addition the refurbishment transforms the appearance of the conservatory to look as good as new. Highest Energy rating equivalent GRADE ‘A’ PLUS . U value 1.0 watts/M2 °C.


2) Thermo 80 High Insulation roof panel upgrades -Energy rating ‘A’ + + – U value 0.6 watts/M2 °C

Thermo 80 roof. This system comprises the Thermo ’60’ system, with the addition of transparent insulating panels neatly installed between the internal glazing bar rebates to ensure that there is no change in the internal appearance, and thermal breaks to cut heat loss through the structure of the conservatory. The result is a system that cut heat loss by up to 80% to provide insulation equal to a filled cavity wall significantly surpassing all other transparent conservatory glazed roof solutions. Energy rating equivalent GRADE ‘A’ ++ . U value 0.6 watts/M2 °C.

All our roof solutions are available with heat reflectors for Solar control and further enhanced Winter insulation performance.


3) New Roof Structures with New Conservatory Roof panels

It is rare that a conservatory requires a completely new roof structure but if needed we can provide this including all components: glazing bars and cappings, eaves beams, wall plate, gutters, and glazing. With our specialist components we can refurbish/repair and upgrade the existing roof with high performance roof glazing, and thereby avoid the expense and disruption of removing and replacement of the whole roof, or replacing the conservatory.

Our experience however tells us that where a Ultraframe 500 and Everlite roof comes to the end of its lives it is best to change the roof structure for the modern roof system. Based on glazing bars, now typical of most conservatories, together with our high performance glazing. To provide: exceptional winter insulation, and where required solar control for winter and summer comfort so that the conservatory can be used throughout the year as part of the living area.

Summer and Winter Comfort:

All three roof systems are available with solar protection and glare control if required. To give all year comfort by : combatting high summer temperatures, glare and fading, as well as providing winter comfort and lower heating costs.

The heat reflectors that are incorporated in Thermo conservatory roof panels can also be fitted ‘in-situ’ to existing sound roofs to upgrade their performance for summer comfort, and to cut winter heat loss. Click this link for full details.

Video of a performance test ‘Thermo roof’ for Glass Conservatory roofs.

Video of a performance test ‘Thermo roof’ for Polycarbonate conservatory roofs.
The following diagram shows the development of insulating glazing and our position as the highest performing system :
Development of conservatory roof glazing

Installation of new High Performance ‘Thermo’ roofs, and replacement roof panels is straightforward

It is not necessary to replace the structure of the conservatory with our system, since this is normally perfectly sound. We simply refurbish the existing structure by replacing all the external elements of the roof to bring the appearance and condition back to a ‘new conservatory’.

Our conservatory refurbishment and improvements system is simple and straightforward and because we are using the existing conservatory structure excellent value and relatively low cost. Click on the following videos to see how we undertake the roof/roof panel replacement.

Installation of New Glass Conservatory roof refurbishment.

Installation of New polycarbonate Conservatory roof refurbishment.

Replacement of individual Roof panels that have deteriorated

Where the Conservatory roof structure and most of the panels are sound but some are showing signs of deterioration. We can either replace the failed panels like with like, or fit High insulation ‘Thermo’ roof panels in anticipation of the replacement of the other panels in due course.

Convert your Conservatory into a Passive Solar Collector with our high performance roof panels

During the late Autumn, Winter, and early Spring, when heating is required in the home, the Sun is relatively low in the sky and predominantly shines in to heat the conservatory through the side window glazing. Normally this heat is rapidly dissipated through the roof. But when high insulation roof glazing is installed the heat is captured and simply flows into the house by opening the internal doors.

Thermo roof converts conservatory into passive solar collector, to provide free energy to the house


If you wish to change your Polycarbonate roof to Glass

Generally speaking Polycarbonate roofed conservatories cannot be replaced with glass as the conservatory roof structure has only been designed to support the weight of polycarbonate at 3.5 KG per square metre, compared to glass at 32 KG per square metre. However certain conservatory roof system manufacturers use a universal system which will accommodate glass or Polycarbonate double glazing units. We can identify these and advise you once the conservatory is inspected to determine the roof manufacturer.

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