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‘Clearview’ Solar Control and Anti-Glare Blinds for Windows

Clearview Transparent blinds cut annoying glare and high summer temperatures, combat fading, and provide one way vision privacy in daylight.

Clearview’ Solar Control and Anti-Glare blinds for windows


  • Make rooms cool and comfortable in summer -by excluding up to 60% of solar heat
  • Exclude glare to eliminate eyestrain and fatigue – especially where computers are used
  • Cut summer air-conditioning and winter heating costs
  • Combat fading- by eliminating 99% 0f Ultra violet rays
  • Transform the working environment as no loss of the outside view
  • One way daytime vision for safety and security
  • Improved productivity


  • All windows suffering from problems of heat and glare in homes and offices
  • To exclude glare and eliminate reflections on TV, Display and computer screens
  • One way vision versions give daytime privacy for safety and security

Military and Security applications:

Include Transparent Air-traffic Control tower blinds, Security gatehouses and secure applications :- where one way vision is required to observe outsiders who are unaware that they are being watched, and to prevent them seeing in. Click on this link for further information.

For Air Traffic Control, Military and commercial applications we provide an installation service.

Military & security applications of Clearview blinds

DIY measuring and fitting is simple

Measuring is straight-forward : all we need is the size of the outer and inner window frame onto which the blind will be installed. Installation is simple using a bradawl or drill to make pilot holes in wood, or UPVC frames; then screw fix two brackets.

For a quotation: Measure the height and width of each window glass, or glazing and email these details to Please be sure to include your telephone number.

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