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Mr Jones had his glass conservatory fitted with a new high insulation roof and we refurbished his conservatory back to a new condition.

He noticed that the glazing panels give good light but also had some one way vision properties. Therefore he called me to see if we could incorporate similar properties into his window as he is a keen bird watcher and wished to observe the Birds and take photos when they are feeding on a Bird table outside his kitchen window.

I visited him to show him our one way vision laminates and he was fascinates to see that the birds would be unable to see him from the bird table but he had full vision and could observe them and their behaviour.

He has subsequently installed the product and we will now be fitting one way vision laminates to a Bird watchers hide to benefit other twitchers in bird sanctuaries.

One way vision window laminates from HTG

External View of the window with the birds’ reflections.

One way vision window laminates from HTG

View from inside. Clear view of the birds.

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