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August is normally the time for wasps, but this year imagine our surprise when fitting a new roof onto Mrs Jones’ conservatory we were confronted with a very active wasps nest in the space between the top of the windows and the roof glazing.

We were just remove a glazing panel and were confronted with a swarm of very angry wasps who were annoyed that their peace and quiet had been disturbed. Our fitters rapidly exited the area to soothe their wounds as two had multiple stings.

We had not met this unusual situation before and it certainly presented us with a problem. Luckily Mrs Jones had the answer. This intrepid eighty year old lady lady definitely had what it takes as she had previously been a bee keeper and had all the equipment necessary. What followed was an education.

Mrs Jones first donned her cloak and netted cap and to our surprise she brought out a large garden spray can, mounted the ladder, and proceeded to spray the wasp nest with copious amounts of water. She explained the reason for this is that water on the wasps wings prevents them being able to fly. With the wasps in the wasps nest now totally disabled she proceeded to brush the nest, Queen Wasp, wasp workers and all into a cardboard box, making sure that she had the Queen.

She taped up the box with packaging tape and placed it in the boot of her car to take miles away into the countryside. She explained that she did not want to hurt the wasps and had released them after copiously spraying them in the box, emptying the box, and driving away.

We were very lucky to be doing work for such a resourceful lady and now that the job is complete she is able to use here conservatory in comfort this winter, and not having to share it with the wasps!

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