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Ms. Summers recently decided that she wished to return from Spain to the UK after spending many years in Seville. She wanted to be closer to her family; especially her mother, and feels a great affinity for her home country Wales. She purchased a small house in a small village near Bridgend where she was born, close to her mum’s house.

The property was built in the the interwar period and is poorly insulated, it has solid – non cavity walls, an old solid fuel Baxi- boiler for hot water and heating, a minimal level of loft insulation, and the hot water tank has a very thin insulating jacket.

Ms Summers decided that the she needed more living space and wished to add a conservatory to the south facing side of the house, which she wanted to integrate into the living area. She was aware that she would need to seek Building control approval and to do this she required a SAP report. She contacted HTG via the internet to ask us to undertake this work for her, and to deal with Building Control to steer the project through.

Our Mr. Anderson visited her recently purchased house to undertake a comprehensive energy survey, and SAP report. This was to determine the specification for the conservatory and additional works required to ensure that the energy emissions from the house do not exceed those necessary for a home extension. This is a requirement for approval for a conservatory that opens directly into the house.

HTG undertook a comprehensive Energy survey not only for the SAP calculations, but also to help Ms Summers determine the most effective energy saving measures as she had a limited budget. This energy report which shows the cost of all potential energy saving measures and their effectiveness is attached.

The SAP report specifies the specification of the conservatory and the allowable energy emissions, together with the measures necessary to bring the emissions down to enable the conservatory to be integrated into the house .

This report is presented in a clear tabular form showing the heat losses in watts/Metre/ Degree C for a home extension, compared with the losses for the conservatory less the savings in heat loss from adding additional loft insulation and taking into account the removal of losses from the very poorly insulated house wall that now forms a part of the internal structure of the house. See the SAP report here [opens in a new window]  PDF document

Ms Summers now knows exactly what is required to construct the new conservatory and the cost of the additional energy conservation measures she needs to undertake for planning approval, and HTG will assist her by steering the project through approval with the local Building Control department.

The total cost for the work including site visits was £500 plus vat.

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